Total control for your Marina : Water & electricity, lighting, prepayment, boat Location, and more.

Top Features
Far beyond a smart metering solution
  • Water and electricity smartmetering
  • Remote supllies turn on/off
  • Lighting control
  • Consumption surveillance.
  • Boat location.
  • Centralized prepayment system
  • Graphics
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When you're ready to take your marina to the next level, you need reliable, accurate & user-friendly solutions.

Moreover, it also needs to make things easier - not harder - for you.

HERMEs is amongst other things a wireless radio solution for water and electricity metering, no cable, no transmission costs, no configuration, ready to be deployed and integrated to power pedestals.

Our smart marina management solution does all of the above - and more! In terms of automation, our wireless solution provides a centralized prepayment solution, notifies any technical issue automatically concerning supplies,

Now available for Smarthphones HERMES delivers user centered experience, providing new services for boat owners: From Boat location, Remote activation/deactivation of supplies, consumption graphics, prepaid credit information, etc

When it comes to your return on investment, HERMES pays itself off & costs less than 1% of your annual turnover. These are just some of over 10 different ways we can help you manage your marina business.

With 15+ years developing edge technology for the industry, & many happy customers, our marina & berth supplies management solution is often regarded as an industry leader.

To find out more, please explore our site via the menu-bar at the top, or get in touch with us.

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